OD体育_ 2020高考(山东)英语听力分2次考:听力第一次模拟试题(附Mp3)
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听力不再与笔试同卷考察注:本次山东模考中,12月1日早9:00举行听力考察,下午15:00——16:40举行英语笔试考察)参考谜底1-5 ACBCB  6-10 ACBCC11-15 ABABA  16-20 ABBCA听力原文一Text 1M: Know what?I couldn’t get back into my apartment and had to stay at a hotel last night.W: How did that happen? Did you lose your keys?M: No, I left them in the apartment and my wife was on a business trip.Text 2M: Wow, so many choices and so many people. So, what kind of film do you want to see?W: It’s up to you, but nothing too violent, please.Text 3M: How was your trip to London?W: It was fantastic.I visited a lot of places, churches, museums and the royal palaces, and the weather was fine.Horrible traffic, though.Text 4W: How much time do we have before the conference? We don’t have to hurry, do we?M: Don’t worry.It’s seven thirty now. We still have an hour and a half. It takes only thirty minutes to get there.Text 5M: Hey, did you see Ann in the office this morning?W: Yes, but why did she have such a long face?M: I’m not sure.I heard she failed to get promoted.Text 6M: What about the problems I’ve been having?W: Not serious. Take some medicine and you will get a better night’s sleep.M: Thank you. How should I take the medicine?W: Take one pill about thirty minutes before you go to bed.M: How long should I take them?W: Thirty days.M: Is there anything else I can do?W: Don’t worry so much about things at work.M: Should I stay home from work?W: No, it’s not necessary. Just remember to stay calm.Text 7W: You’re late!M: Yes, I’m really sorry. I had to wait for ages for the bus.W: Why didn’t you drive?M: Ah, well, I’ve sold my car.W: Oh, are you getting a new one?M: No,I’m not getting another car.I’ve decided to live without one.W: Wow, what made you do that?M: I think there are too many cars and this town is already far too polluted.W: Well, that’s true, but a car is useful.M: I don’t think so, not in the city center anyway.I can never find anywhere to park and you sp。